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Coining the Term

After creating my digital garden, I had the idea of dedicating a sub-section for books, similar to what Maggie Appleton has done on her personal website. At the same time, I was introduced to the concepts of the Lindy Effect and Lindy Libraries from the Coding Career Circle. The Lindy Effect is the idea that the future life expectancy of non-perishable things like books, technologies and ideas is proportional to their current age. A Lindy Library, as Swyx puts it, is an annex of content that stood the test of time.

Building a Lindy Library sounds awesome, but that isn't my goal. The objective of my public library is to share my thoughts and notes on a curated list of books that I find insightful and have a lasting impact on how I see and view things. I want to encourage more conversations and discussions by making it public. In other words, this library that I am building is a collection of books that resonated with me.

The term, Resonance Library, is an amalgamation of "Lindy Library" and "Resonance Calendar". A Resonance Calendar is how Ali Abdaal manages and reflects on all the content he consumes that resonated with him.

Finding Good Books

Over time, I realised there are 3 main ways I discover new books that I potenially want to read:

  1. Podcasts (People recommending books that inspire them, authors talking about their own book)
  2. Blinkist summaries that I find interesting for deeper dive
  3. Browsing on Goodreads etc.

In particular, I am more inclined to pick up the book if I have heard the author talk about it first. You can almost hear the enthusiasm and eagerness in their voices to share their ideas. I like to listen to their thought process in their own voice; it feels more personal and it becomes more memorable for me that way.

I have organized these podcasts into 2 different Spotify playlists for those who are interested too. They are categorized into

General: Mostly self-help, business

SWE: Software Engineering related

Do you have a book to recommend for me?

Send me a tweet, I would love to hear about it.

Other Reading Lists

Also, check out what others are reading/writing in their public library below:

It makes my day when I see it.
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