Team Availability System

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Who is it for:

  • a Team Leader who needs to know the availability of his/her teammates for resources planning on a daily basis


  • This template was created based on a real-world request. The client did not have an official HR system to keep track of the team members' leaves and offs

  • The leaves/offs are informally communicated to the Team Leader and he/she has to keep track of this information by memory or paper


Getting Started Guide:

  • Create any sub-teams entries in the Sub Teams database, if you are managing more than 1 team
Sub Teams
  • Create an entry for each team member you have and associate it to the sub-teams that they belong to. Team members can belong to multiple sub-teams
Team Members
  • Whenever you receive a leave request from team members via your team group chat, head over to the Leave Entry Page to record the leave. Leaves are categorized by the absence period of the member. ie. full day absence, morning absence or afternoon absence.
Leave Entry
  • Leaves can be further categorized by their leave types.
Leave Types
  • The team members are categorized into "🟢 Available Today", "🔴 Members on Leave Today", and "🟠 Members going on Leave this Week" in the main dashboard. The user can use this dashboard for daily resources planning. Check out Template 2 if you require to view availability for the next day.
Main Dashboard
  • Additionally, there is a calendar view to see leaves taken by the team members over time.
Calendar View


  • This system is meant for quick entry of team members' leaves and off;

  • And show the user on the available resources with little to no fuss.

  • This system is not meant to keep track of the number of leaves remaining or taken by each team members


  • Template 1 and 2 are slightly different whereby template 1 dashboard computes the team members that are available for deployment today, while template 2 computes the availability of team members for the next day.

If you find this template useful, feel free to check out my public Notion page for other templates to improve your productivity and manage your team..

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