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Who is it for:

  • a Family Member who needs to know dashboard view of all the essential health info of his family members that are going for the COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore

  • a Team Leader who needs to know the vaccination status of his team members and stagger the vaccination schedules for his team members


  • SG COVID-19 Vaccine Helper aims to provide a dashboard view of all the relevant information of the dependents for the user at a glance.

  • The team leader needs to coordinate the vaccination schedules of his team members informally.



  • After entering essential information like the vaccination dates, Notion will calculate the subsequent upcoming appointments and the individual’s vaccination status.
Vaccination Status
  • There are several data views preconfigured. One such view is the "Upcoming Appointments" view. This view shows the list of family members with upcoming appointments
Upcoming Appointments
  • The "Particulars" view provides the dashboard view to keep track of family members’ relevant health information.
Particulars View
  • Additionally, there is a simplified Notion table for users who need to keep track of the vaccination statuses of their colleagues for various work reasons, such as field deployment requirements or to stagger vaccination schedules within their team.
Team View

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