Coding Career Handbook

Guides, Principles, Strategies and Tactics from Code Newbie to Senior Dev

by Shawn Wang

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This article is developing. I am probably still piecing the fragments of ideas in the right places. Feel free to poke me on Twitter to finish this piece.

How I Discovered It

I first stumbled upon Swyx's work from Michael Chan's React Podcast in July 2021. I found his career journey very interesting from the podcast. I was immediately intrigued by the unique perspective he has based on his experience. His Learn In Public essay resonated with me and served as a inspiration to start this website. I am also interested in his approaches and strategies for building his personal brand and online community.

Who Should Read it

As the Coding Career Handbook is written right after the author's transition from a junior dev to a senior dev, the book is filled with hard-earned advice on making the same transition ourselves. It is one of the few books that target the niche area of junior to senior transition. (Most software engineering career books revolve around starting a tech career because there is a broader audience base.)

In my opinion, the book is a valuable book for any software engineer regardless of seniority. The author also made heavy use of links to the original content. These links are gateways to different knowledge vaults across the internet, making it worthwhile to discover other related topics.


Listen to the author talk about ideas from the book.

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Key Ideas

Your Coding Career




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