Drawing with Walter Series

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This article is developing. I am probably still piecing the fragments of ideas in the right places. Feel free to poke me on Twitter to finish this piece.

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"Draw with Walter" (DWW) is a series in which I embark on a journey to learn to draw (again). There are several motivations behind starting this adventure; I will probably elaborate further as I go along. The driving inspiration comes from Scott Young's 30 Day Portrait Drawing Challenge for showing me that drawing is a learnable skill and this learning journey serves as a means for me to practice what I read.


Contrary to Young's challenge, I will focus my learning solely on the digital medium using the tools below.

  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil
  • Procreate

Learning Topics

Below are some learning topics that I have categorized after browsing at the general tutorial content about Procreate on Youtube. I have roughly arranged them based on the perceived difficulty and my skill level.

It makes my day when I see it.
Digital One Line DrawingsUsing SDKMAN on Windows
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